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Nuclear is a headwear and apparel company based out of Quebec city, Canada. It is the result of Laurent Grislain and Louif Paradis’ minds coming together and sharing ideas.


Laurent grew up in Bordeaux, France, where he was exposed to skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, but also got very involved in the graffiti scene. Spray painting and travelling around europe doing it became his favorite thing to do for years. These influences pushed him to be a graphic designer. He is currently based in Quebec.

Louif grew up in Quebec city and was quickly attracted to sports. He grew up playing soccer, mountain biking, skateboarding and snowboarding in the wintertime. Snowboarding soon became his favorite obsession. With his friends they started making videos, trying to do what the pros were doing and eventually trying to get on the same level. They soon got the attention of people in the industry and the crew each got different sponsors. 10 years later, Louif travels around the world all winter long, but still calls Quebec home.

With their different and common world of influences, they decided to team up and make quality goods, with a simple aesthetic, made as locally as possible.

Thanks for your interest and support.


Laurent & Louif



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