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What Youth Sweden-Norway trip with Adidas

Posted by Nuclear Headwear on

In May 2016 we went on a trip to Scandinavia with WhatYouth X Adidas crew. We went skating in Stockholm, Snowboarding in Riksgransen and Surfing in Lofoten Norway.

Keegan skating in Stockholm @inoidono


Moderna Museet @bigev_online

Very fun and recent park in Stockholm, aka scooter paradise

Up in Riksgransen I saw Sammi Luthanen. Him and 2 buddies were car camping

They extended the living area with some tarps and cardboard boxes. Respect. 

On the way to Lofoten

Lofoten is top 3 best looking places I’ve ever seen

We had a little mini ramp at the hostel

And a nice sauna and woodfired tub 

Big Ev

Drying fish heads everywhere

I went on a ride with this thing to check the view from the hills

This little town is called Unstad, where we were staying 


Big crew at Viking Dinner drinking honey wine.

Cole and Viking 

National day parade

Leftover surfboard at the hostel.

This is the darker it gets up there. This was around midnight. 

See you later.

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