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Росси́я 2017

Posted by Nuclear Headwear on

We went to Russia in february 2017 to film for Beacon. We had an amazing crew and a really good time there. I shot only 2 rolls of film over the 3 weeks… This is what it looked like :
The crew upon arrival shot by the shuttle driver. The classic tourist photo spot. Hayden, Oli, Artem, Louif, Ben and Tommy. Mark Wilson is missing on this photo. To get into Russia, you need to get a visa stamped in your passport and UPS lost his passport in the process. He joined us a couple of days later. 
This is one of the first things we saw when we got there, we were walking around looking for spots to snowboard on and walk by this abandonned building. We saw a kid in the window with an evil look. 15 minutes later, we turn around and the building is up in flames.
This is the kid. He stuck around to watch. This is an iphone photo by @dronepilot27
It kinda set the mood for the trip, we were thinking, oh shit, what is going on in these parts.
You see this car a lot there. We thought it looked like a loaf of bread. Ben wants one. 
A view of the town city we were in surrounded by majestic volcanoes.
Behind the lens of Hayden featuring Tommy G.
Cool looking Orthodox church on top of the hill
You'll see this sign in Beacon.
We went to see this guy in a really creepy zone.
Everything was half abandonned
Half demolished
Most Wanteds
 Ben in the Sapporo beanie
Locals looking for copper near a bunch of shipwrecks.
 @oligagnonphoto in the Matsutake beanie 
Hayden making art
in the Yotei beanie
One last look at the view point. Clouded volcanoes.

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